Meet Jimbo the Bear

Meet Jimbo and the folks at Orphaned Wildlife Center.

Located in Otisville, NY, this center is home to some large bears and some animal lovers with large hearts.

Jimbo, or Jimmy, is one of the oldest bears at the center. He is 20 years old (also our largest at 1400 lbs!). According to the center, he “is extremely friendly with people and very good natured. His favorite food is red meat.”

It’s unfortunate whenever a wild animal can NOT be returned to the wild, but once they come through our doors we commit to them for life. The bears become part of Jim and Susan’s family. The most IMPORTANT part. They spend the majority of every day tending to their needs and it takes a great deal of time and money and effort and love.

These bears also show affection and love back to Jim and Susan and every night there is snuggle time with the bears that want it.

Ideally every animal would go back to the wild but unfortunately some cannot. So then the challenge becomes to create an environment as best as we can and as close to natural for them.

The bears have a good size pond and trees and a large outdoor area as well as a protected indoor area. This is definitely an act of love for Jim and Susan. The bears mean a great deal to them and they are very loved.