Bobcat Mama with Kittens Spotted in the Backyard

A few months ago, a fan shared a photo of a wild Bobcat he spotted in his backyard:


And now, the Bobcat has been seen again… with her newborn kittens!

Wild bobcat kittens and mama in the backyard!

Tate Rubinstein recently uploaded photos and videos of this family of wild Bobcats that have taken up residence in his backyard in Placitas, New Mexico. The footage was recorded by his wife, Oli Robbins and 4-yr-old daughter Raya.

Rubinstein described the sighting: “Greeting us in our backyard one hot July afternoon were three bobcat kittens and their protective but calm mama. This is one of several encounters we’ve shared with these wild cats near our home in Placitas, NM. The animals can be seen in the wild with some regularity in this part of the country, but rarely come this close.”

Photos from Day 1:


Rubinstein observed that the bobcats’ behavior was “similar to those of a house cat… They played with, chased and licked each other, tumbled around in the yard, climbed the walls, nursed their mama and ate their prey.”


The kittens discovered a tree house – the perfect vantage point.

FullSizeRender (3)

Meanwhile, Mama Bobcat rested near a toy car.


The wild cats later sought shade under some shrubs in the backyard, mere feet from the house.

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It is extremely rare to see these elusive felines in such close proximity to humans…

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Video of Day 2:

“This is day 2 of bobcats moving into our backyard in Placitas, NM! The three wild babies and their mama spent the night at our home and were here, bright eyed and waiting, in the morning.

“Their mama left them for many hours today while she hunted — eventually bringing back a rabbit for all to feat upon. The kittens played for hours, slept in Raya’s (our four-year-old) treehouse (and even went down the slide!), spent time on our back deck and approached our door, and nursed their mama after dinner. They even played with yarn that Raya left out for them.”