Man Has a Family of Foxes Living in His Garden

Everybody loves foxes. Being in the same family as dogs, it is easy to understand why: they are like the distant cousins of our loyal companions. However, they are normally quite shy around humans and mainly active at dusk and dawn, so we don’t see them too often. However, they can sometimes be attracted to houses, and even make people’s gardens their homes.

This has happened to one lucky man, and it is incredible. After the mother vixen gave birth ‘under’ his house, the family of foxes have officially moved into his garden, giving him a rare close up these beautiful creatures:

But that isn’t it; according to popular demand, the man has been documenting the family’s day-to-day activities, including the cubs playing games with their dad:

Fox cubs are pretty playful and this young cub shows it, looking adorable as it plays around with a flower.

The home-owner even managed to capture the mother feeding her cubs on his patio. It’s a mess and looks more like she’s sitting on a brown heap of cubs, but it’s still pretty cool:

Letting this family stay in his garden seems like the obvious option for this lucky fella, but some people wouldn’t approach this in the same way. Foxes can be problematic when they are in urban areas, with (very few) reports of them being violent towards small children, and a common conception that foxes carry diseases. Although they do carry disease, there is little risk of humans catching these from foxes — you’re more likely to catch them from your household pet.

Hopefully the family will stay in their garden until the cubs reach maturity — if so, we will get a rare documentation of a batch of cubs growing up in an urban setting from start to finish.

Foxes can be very aggressive if their cubs are threatened. Watch a mother fox defend her cubs against a badger, in an absolute tearjerker.