These Pups Got Stuck: Hilarious Photos of Dogs Stuck in the Strangest Places

Dogs are curious creatures who sometimes end up in a pickle. These hilarious photos capture the moment when these puppers got stuck in the strangest places…

1. “My dog got stuck in this bed. Don’t ask me how.”

2. This pupper got stuck while destroying window blinds…

Photo via Twitter

“Yup. I think this dog is stuck.”

3. This pupper got stuck in the snow…

Image via Twitter

4. Diet Pupsi

5. This pupper got stuck in a wall…

Image via Twitter

6. “I’ve made a terrible mistake”

Image via Imgur

7. This pupper took a seat.

He’s happy with his new chair.

8. Suspended over the tub

Image via Reddit

You may have seen a better picture of a dog avoiding a bath today, but I doubt it.

9. What’s in the fridge?

Image via Imgur

“No word of a lie, this is what I just came home to.”

10. “My parents dog was cold, so tore it’s way into a pillow. When I snapped a photo he gave me this look.”

Image via Reddit

11. Pupper tries to swing:

Image via Imgur