This Dog Dives For Lobsters

This amazing dog might just be a pirate. Leaping from a boat into the crystal clear waters, the black labrador retriever retrieves an unlikely prize: a spiny lobster. This playful black lab is named Lila, and she’s a true salty sea dog.

Dog Catches Lobsters

Labrador retrievers like Lila are well-known for their love of the water and their talent for retrieving game such as waterfowl (hence the name). But this takes their retrieving abilities to a whole new level. Who would’ve thought a labrador retriever would be able to spot a lobster several feet/meters underwater and dive to the seafloor to retrieve it? That’s something a sea lion or sea otter would do, not a dog.

Labs should really be called “water dogs”. In fact, the ancestor of all labrador retrievers was called St. John’s water dog. Much like Lila the black lab today, St. John’s water dogs assisted Newfoundland fisherman by retrieving distant lines or nets full of fish and hauling them back to the boat. Their short, thick coat, high endurance, rudder-like tail, and love of swimming made them perfectly adapted for aquatic environments.

Watch the full video of Lila’s fascinating lobster-snatching behavior below. She dives down again and again, recovering lobsters as if she’s recovering downed ducks or quail.